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Meet Lynne Bauer

My journey started graduating with an Associates Degree in the Applied Sciences as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) from NOVA. After receiving my license as a PTA I went on to complete a Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS) degree in Dance Therapy from George Mason University and a Masters in Laban Movement Analysis from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies.

Movement analysis allowed me to become aware of how a person’s psychology was intricately tied to their specific energetic choices. Intrigued by this I furthered my investigation into energy medicine yoga. I was introduced to tuning forks and decided to enroll in the foundation course which then led me to getting certified at the practitioners level. I was hooked when I witnessed and experienced the healing that took place with sound frequencies!

I became certified as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner in June of 2019 and continue to practice integrating my knowledge of energy medicine and movement therapy.

It truly is a joy to witness the profound shifts that can happen through this modality of biofield tuning!

- Lynne Bauer

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