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About Personal Somatic Yoga Training

Personal training as a “somatic” approach recognizes that being able to reduce muscle tension and strengthen an individual’s body/mind requires awareness and movement re-education versus just stretching!

We can all remember a time when that aching back or neck pain caused us to stop and try to fix it. More than likely advice was given to do a specific exercise or stretch to alleviate the problem(s). We want a quick way to feel better. But…it inevitably returns because we are still using those faulty body-use habits and we become even more frustrated than we were before!

Changing Stress Patterns at Any Age

The good news is that you CAN change patterns of stress and tension by Somatic Training at any age! When we look at physical training as only a “body” concept we are forgetting a critical component of how the body and mind work together. When posture and movement are integrated, the body moves with a natural flow and continuity; the muscles work in an efficient, well-organized synchrony.

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As A Personal Somatic Therapist I Will:

Evaluate your postural and movement components.
Work with you to design your personal goals.
Provide guidance through verbal and physical cues as you learn to re-pattern movements and move effortlessly!
Design a simple exercise plan that will allow you to experience an embodied sense of vitality that brings meaning and joy to your life!
Help you develop a somatic intelligence of self-sensing, and self- organizing as you transform your relationship to gravity and aging.



Personal Somatic Training

One hour private somatic coaching

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Personal Somatic Training (3 sessions)

One hour private somatic coaching ($30 savings!)

$310 ($20 savings)
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What Our Clients Say


What benefits can I gain from a personal somatic session?

This personal session encourages you to reflect on what you are experiencing in life through the lens of what is present in your body now.
You begin to unlock (through movement awareness) tension(s) that may have diminished your ability to move through your life without pain.
Being personally guided opens you up to experience so many more possibilities!