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You may find relief from:

emotional blocks
Obsessive thinking
past traumas
Issues relating to your body and food

What is Biofield Tuning?

It is a non-invasive therapeutic sound healing method that utilizes the sound waves produced by tuning forks to harmonize and soothe the biomagnetic field that surrounds the human body.

By relieving distortions or noise in your electromagnetic field through the frequencies of the forks your body and mind move into a state of greater harmony and ease. The nervous system begins to relax and create feelings of calm and peace. Past events that have been impactful and deeply rooted in your life seem to have less “charge” allowing you to move through your life with less stress.

Unleash Your
Full Potential

Patterns (which more than likely are unconscious memories) may have kept you “stuck”. When they start to shift you begin to reclaim your own power with increased resilience and energy! There can be an overall feeling of well-being that unleashes your full potential. The change can be profound and long lasting!

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In-Person Biofield Tuning

60 or 90 minute in-person Biofield Tuning

$110.00 / $130.00
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SPA/Meridian Tuning

Tuning forks are placed on specific acupressure points on the body to open energetic pathways and relieve muscular tension. Leave the session feeling like you received a true spa-like experience with calming crystals, relaxing music and essential oils.

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Distance/Remote Tuning

55 minute session

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Prepaid Package of 3 tunings

A general recommendation is to schedule 3 tunings within 2-3 weeks for the maximum benefit.

60 min/$310 ($20 savings)
90 min/$370 ($20 savings)
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What Our Clients Say


What is a typical biofield session like?

Clients lie fully clothed on a treatment table with a biomat containing 17 layers including  far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst crystals.   I use tuning forks in your biofield around the body approximately 5-6 feet away from you as well as on specific points on the body.

I activate the tuning fork and listen to the sound and feel of the fork.  If there’s discord there I will stay there until the sound becomes coherent and then slowly move towards the body.   The client does not need to verbalize any information as this treatment is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological interventions.

Some people will feel energy moving through their body and some people do not feel anything.  It is sometimes common for emotions to arise but they dissipate quickly as the energy flows.

Sessions typically run between 60 and 90 minutes

Who may benefit from a biofield tuning session?

People who attend a biofield tuning session have reported a relief of symptoms such as anxiety, chronic stress, adrenal stress, insomnia, and limiting beliefs that may be keeping them from living their authentic life.  It is beneficial for individuals of all ages including pets!

People with a disability such as autism may find relief with tuning forks placed on the body to decrease anxiety or stress.

What will i feel after a session?

Some clients have reported a feeling of tiredness, and slight muscle soreness.

It is recommended to take an epsom salt bath, staying well hydrated, and getting enough sleep that night to allow the body/mind to process the session.

A typical response after a session is that the individual feels “lighter” and/or more focused.  Many shifts can happen days after the session has been completed.

Why would I choose to do a biofield tuning over a group sound bowl event?

Many people choose a personal biofield tuning over a group sound bowl event as some of the frequencies from the bowls can be disturbing to a persons nervous system. Since it is a group event it is not as individualized and it can leave you feeling less grounded and unfocused.

When a person receives their individual biofield tuning with tuning forks they are receiving the appropriate frequency/vibration that their body and mind resonates with. It allows a free flow of electricity helping individuals shift out of unhealthy mind and/or body habits, and promotes a healing effect on the body.

As the tuning fork strikes the biofield, which surrounds a person, their tissues and muscles can be reawakened, leading to relaxation and a release of tension. Past disturbances in a persons energetic field start to dissolve and can leave a person feeling lighter with less baggage on their shoulders! Living in the present moment is more available!

How do I know if I need this type of healing?

Do you often have times where you feel anxious or unfocused? Do you have muscle tightness that doesn’t seem to go away?

Are you unable to get a full night of undisturbed sleep? Do you occasionally have digestive issues?

It may be related to some subconscious emotional issues that have not been resolved. Imprints of past traumas are encoded in our surrounding biofield. The tuning fork can detect this disturbance and turn it into a coherent frequency that in turn gets “tuned into” the body. Once the body hears its clearer sound that area of disturbance releases allowing a free flow of electricity to return to the body. The event is not dissolved but it may not trigger you as it did prior to the tuning. You can start living in the present moment with more vitality and power!

Do I need to talk during my biofield tuning session to get results?

No…this is not a psychotherapy session but if you feel the need to express yourself it may help the energy to move more quickly. It is definitely not necessary to achieve the self healing results that can be attained through biofield tuning! All you need to do is breath naturally and at times breath into your belly to release any excess energy.

What do I need to do after the session to stay calm and focused?

Each person is so different and their needs vary. Commonly people are advised to take an Epsom salt bath and to drink water prior and post tuning.

It is common to feel a little tired on the day after the session. This will dissipate as it is about your body releasing some toxicity.

How many sessions will I need to feel better?

It is generally recommended to schedule 3 sessions to get the full benefits of biofield tuning sessions. There are some people who only need one session but that is usually the minority.

Is each session the same or does it vary?

Each session is not the same. The first session typically involves a person on their back while the tuning forks work in the field around them. Information is revealed to the practitioner and forks are used to dissolve disturbances in the “field”.

Another session may be with the client on their stomach with the tuning forks placed on different parts of the spine to relax the nervous system.

What is the Meridian/Spa biofield session like?

This is truly like getting a sound massage! The forks are placed on specific acupressure points on the body allowing the energy to flow….calming music is in the background and essential oils are diffused (if not allergic to them). It is a longer session because more time is taken to assure that the vibrations of the forks are connecting to the entire meridian line of energy. It’s a wonderful way to “let go” and feel your calm!

Will the tuning forks help me to change my loop of negative self- talk?

Yes…a major outcome of this therapy helps individuals change their self-talk into more positive life thoughts.

How long will the benefits of biofield tuning last?

It is dependent on each individual. When energy shifts in a positive way it can last anywhere from one week to one month to six months! You can help it stay more balanced by learning to stay connected to your central channel which is your “battery” meter of vitality. During the biofield session that is the first balancing that is done to allow a free flow of electricity from the crown of your head to your feet. There is a breath pattern that allows you to access this flow yourself!

Can I use the forks on myself to decrease my anxiety?

The forks can be used for many different issues. The weighted forks (which have barrels on the ends of the forks) can be used on the body on different acupressure points to dissolve stress and to help you focus. They can also be used to relieve areas of muscle tightness or pain.

The unweighted forks can be used around the body to create calmness and grounding for balance. Typically the body responds to creating figure 8’s as they are the templates for our cells and tissues.

Where can I buy a fork and which one(s) would you recommend to start with?

You can go to to search for a tuning fork. The one I would recommend to start with is a Sonic Slider. The frequency of 93.96 hz (the 12th harmonic of the Shumann resonance) is very calming and helps to harmonize the body. It can be used on the body to move lymph and create a toning effect for the neck and face!

I would also suggest buying the contour boot to attach to the fork as it makes it more comfortable to slide on your body. The forks sold on this site are of the highest quality…you may find some on the internet that are cheaper but are probably not going to give you the optimal healing effect.


The practitioner of biofield tuning is not “diagnosing” or “treating” the physical body, which is the domain of the medical field and other allied health care professionals, but instead is connecting to the energy or subtle “bodies” of the client that make it possible to manifest a change or transformation, which is then experienced directly by the client. You understand there is a distinction between “healing” using Biofield Tuning and the practice of medicine or any other licensed health care practice.