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What is a typical biofield session like?

Clients lie fully clothed on a treatment table with a biomat containing 17 layers including  far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst crystals.   I use tuning forks in your biofield around the body approximately 5-6 feet away from you as well as on specific points on the body.

I activate the tuning fork and listen to the sound and feel of the fork.  If there’s discord there I will stay there until the sound becomes coherent and then slowly move towards the body.   The client does not need to verbalize any information as this treatment is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological interventions.

Some people will feel energy moving through their body and some people do not feel anything.  It is sometimes common for emotions to arise but they dissipate quickly as the energy flows.

Sessions typically run between 60 and 90 minutes. 

Who may benefit from a biofield tuning session?

People who attend a biofield tuning session have reported a relief of symptoms such as anxiety, chronic stress, adrenal stress, insomnia, and limiting beliefs that may be keeping them from living their authentic life. It is beneficial for individuals of all ages including pets!
People with a disability such as autism may find relief with tuning forks placed on the body to decrease anxiety or stress.

What will i feel after a session?

Some clients have reported a feeling of tiredness, and slight muscle soreness.
It is recommended to take an epsom salt bath, staying well hydrated, and getting enough sleep that night to allow the body/mind to process the session.
A typical response after a session is that the individual feels “lighter” and/or more focused.  Many shifts can happen days after the session has been completed.


What disabilities and ages do you accept in your classes?

My zoom class has individuals from ages 25+ ….they have Autism, Down Syndrome,
Smith McGinnis Syndrome… and other developmental disorders.

Will you be accepting younger individuals in another class?

I only see younger children on a private basis in my home studio.

Will you be holding any in-person workshops?

YES! I have the availability to rent a large space in Henderson to conduct a DanceAbilities
workshop in the future. If there is enough interest I will schedule it.
Please contact me and we can arrange a date and time to hold it.

What is Gentle Yoga Fusion?

This class is for all levels and integrates yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, and energy medicine techniques that gently help to connect the body and mind to move with ease and build strength.

What are the Benefits of Learning This Way?

Movement becomes more playful and efficient by re-educating the brain and body to communicate. You begin to understand your own basic body connections so coordination and balance become more attainable and improve!
This approach is highly effective in relieving chronic pain, and tight muscles as well as improving range of motion for everyday activities and sports!

What benefits can I gain from a personal somatic session?

This personal session encourages you to reflect on what you are experiencing in life through the lens of what is present in your body now.
You begin to unlock (through movement awareness) tension(s) that may have diminished your ability to move through your life without pain.
Being personally guided opens you up to experience so many more possibilities!