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Why Yoga Fusion Instead of Traditional Yoga?

Yoga that helps individuals re-educate muscles instead of just stretching them or holding static poses can lead to more long lasting benefits for the body. In SOMATIC yoga fusion we treat “the living body in its wholeness” and by learning yoga in a gentle, body-centered approach you improve posture, coordination, and balance connecting body and mind.

Increasing the Benefits of Yoga Poses

Energy medicine techniques are interwoven in a yoga session to enhance the benefits of the yoga poses. By holding specific meridian points while doing a yoga pose, we help the energy to repattern and keep it flowing.

Movements are slow and fluid allowing an awareness that teaches you how to release tension and build a stronger body/mind integrity.

Effective Approach

Many patterns have been built on learned muscular patterns that may have been build on misalignment. That pattern may have produced chronic pain and tight muscles. This approach is highly effective in helping individuals recover from common musculoskeletal conditions.

Through somatic learning which incorporates the awareness of breath, tension, and body connections, you can get the most out of your yoga practice and any other physical activity that you practice!

Additional Benefits

Helps lubricate joints, nourish and hydrates tissues, create ease and increases range of motion.
“Subtle” is how the body works. Gross is how the mind “works”. Paying attention to small changes can create profound impacts on the way we think, move and relate.
Motion is powerful to Emotion. Movement can be used as a gateway to explore emotional regulation.



Small Group Session

Classes will be held at:
The Natural Life Store
10624 S. Eastern Ave, Unit 0
Henderson, NV 89052

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What is a Gentle Yoga Fusion?

This class is for all levels and integrates yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, and energy medicine techniques that gently help to connect the body and mind to move with ease and build strength.

What are the Benefits of Learning This Way?

Movement becomes more playful and efficient by re-educating the brain and body to communicate. You begin to understand your own basic body connections so coordination and balance become more attainable and improve!
This approach is highly effective in relieving chronic pain, and tight muscles as well as improving range of motion for everyday activities and sports!