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Biofield tuning is a non-medical and non-invasive procedure that interacts with the natural energy fields surrounding the body, improving the alignment of those fields and bringing them into balance to remove the blockages that may impede your ability to recover from physical or mental setbacks.

You may have heard or seen terms like “aura” and “energy fields” in the past, perhaps in reference to topics such as yoga or the metaphysical realm. These terms directly relate to the core principles of biofield tuning, and researchers are beginning to discover that they are very real.

You might think of the biofield as something like an electromagnetic “cloud” that surrounds you from birth, slowly accumulating and storing your experiences like the rings of a tree. Some of those experiences may be unpleasant or traumatic. Those experiences become parts of your biofield, creating disharmony that makes it difficult for you to move forward. This is exactly what biofield tuning addresses.

Biofield tuning practitioners are not medical professionals, nor is biofield tuning intended to prevent or cure any disease. Nevertheless, many people who have experienced biofield tuning sessions have reported improvements to conditions such as:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • General stress and anxiety
  • Chronic headaches
  • Irrational fears
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Restless legs
  • Depression
  • Addictions

In this article, we’ll present an overview of what biofield tuning is and how it works. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a better idea of how biofield tuning may fit into your overall plan for health and wellness.

Lynne Bauer has been a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner in Nevada since 2019 and holds degrees in physical therapy, dance therapy and Laban movement analysis. Lynne has devoted her career to the advancement of energy medicine and movement therapy and can’t wait to work with you. Book a free Discovery Call with Lynne now.

How Does Biofield Tuning Work?

Biofield tuning is a simple and low-stress activity that requires no preparation or effort on your part. In fact, you don’t even have to tell the practitioner anything personal about yourself or your health conditions if you don’t want to. During the session, you’ll lie fully clothed on a table while the practitioner scans your body with a tuning fork designed to respond to the resonances of your biofield.

During the session, the practitioner listens for changes in the vibrations of the tuning fork that signify turbulences and imbalances in your biofield. Upon detecting those imbalances, the practitioner holds the tuning fork over them. This helps to organize and align the body’s own vibrations, strengthening the biofield and allowing the body to tune itself. As the tuning forks work to realign your biofield, the practitioner will guide you gently by helping you center yourself with simple breathing exercises. Some people actually fall asleep during biofield tuning sessions, and that’s completely fine. Every session is different.

What Does Biofield Tuning Feel Like?

Most people find biofield tuning sessions incredibly relaxing. As we mentioned above, it’s not rare for people to fall asleep during sessions. During the session, you may experience an incredible state of calmness as your biofield slowly unwinds and releases its stored tensions. Immediately after the session, you may find that you feel noticeably energized and revitalized, although you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up taking a nap or going to bed early that day. You may find that a biofield tuning session produces noticeable effects lasting several days.

It’s fairly common for people to experience symptoms resulting from the body’s natural detoxification process, especially after the first few biofield tuning sessions. These symptoms may include skin sensitivity, muscle soreness and general tiredness. You may find that taking a walk outside or enjoying a hot bath helps to alleviate these temporary symptoms, which usually go away after a few sessions.

What Is the History of Biofield Tuning?

The core idea behind biofield tuning is not new; people around the world have sought to understand, harness and attune the body’s natural energy fields for thousands of years. Qigong and reiki are two examples of other therapies that work along similar principles. These and other therapies are collectively referred to as “biofield therapies,” a term first used in 1992 at the US National Institutes of Health Conference.

The main theory behind biofield tuning is that the body generates its own energy field – sometimes referred to as an “aura” – and that this field may play a role in healing and other natural processes. Biofield tuning is the newest methodology that has been developed for optimizing the energy field and promoting overall wellness.

As of 2012, over 3.7 million adults in the United States had reported experiencing at least one biofield tuning session.

Does the Biofield Really Exist?

Yes! The biofield is detectable using instruments such as electrocardiograms and magnetocardiograms, and fields have been detected in and around the heart, the nervous system and other areas of the body. Biofields throughout the body seem to influence functions such as circadian rhythm, synchronization of neurons and the mobilization of the body’s healing process. While further research is needed and is still ongoing, these findings help to support biofield therapy as a valid practice with great potential for healing and wellness.

The Anatomy of the Biofield

Researcher Eileen Day McCusick was the first person to develop the initial hypotheses about the anatomy of the biofield and the areas that relate to specific emotions and mind programming. McCusick joined with other practitioners whose research corroborated hers, and this led to the development of a biofield map for the full human body utilizing the seven major chakras. Each site on the map represents a major energy center that may be harmonious and balanced or could create a blockage that stifles energy movement and prevents you from achieving what you want to achieve.

Here are a few examples of major sites on the biofield map.

  • Your right foot represents your path or journey through your life. Biofield congestion here can cause paralysis or fear that prevents you from transitioning smoothly to new ventures or phases.
  • Your left foot represents security or stability in your current situation. Disharmony in this area of your biofield could relate to being stuck in an unhealthy relationship or other situation that prevents you from having the energy needed to move along the right path.
  • The knees represent motion and advancement. Having the proper flow of energy in this area of your biofield ensures that you can travel through your life with confidence and ease.

During a biofield tuning session, the practitioner moves the tuning fork over each of the different areas of your biofield while listening closely for disturbances or areas that are “frozen.” As the tuning fork is activated and held over the different areas, it begins to resonate with the biofield, slowly moving it into a more coherent state.

Biofield Tuning Can Be Done Remotely

It might surprise you to learn that you can experience the benefits of biofield tuning even if you aren’t in the same room as the practitioner. It certainly surprised Eileen Day McCusick, who initially assumed that it would be impossible for the biofield tuning fork to respond to the information in a person’s biofield without close physical proximity. In an experiment with a person who was on the other side of the country, however, McCusick was able to successfully capture and decode the information in that person’s biofield. The subject later confirmed that all of the information documented by McCusick during the session was correct. Some have hypothesized that remote biofield tuning is possible due to a form of quantum entanglement that isn’t fully understood.

Remote biofield tuning is an excellent alternative for those who can’t attend in-person sessions due to health concerns or other reasons.

Are There Any Studies Supporting the Effectiveness of Biofield Tuning?

Many clinical studies have attempted to establish the potential effectiveness of biofield tuning as a valid overall practice and as a potential therapy for specific conditions. A review published in the journal Global Advances in Integrative Medicine and Health collected all of those studies in one place and provided a summary of their findings. Here’s an overview of what has been uncovered in clinical research to date.

  • More than 30 clinical trials have been performed examining the effectiveness of biofield therapy as a treatment for pain. Several of those trials were randomized and controlled, and they concluded that biofield therapy is more effective than a placebo treatment for reducing pain as self-reported by the patient.
  • A randomized controlled trial evaluated the effectiveness of biofield therapy during recovery following a sudden blockage of blood to the heart. Those who received biofield therapy benefited as much from it as those receiving propranolol, a prescription medication for improving blood flow.
  • A controlled trial published in the journal Research in Complementary Medicine in 2009 examined the potential benefits of biofield therapy for patients with dementia. The study examined 64 patients in all and found that biofield therapy produced significant benefits for stress, restlessness and other symptoms compared to a placebo.

In all, these and other studies suggest that biofield tuning and other forms of biofield therapy show great promise for a wide variety of goals and purposes. We look forward to seeing the further results that will surely be produced by the scientific community in the years to come.

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